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The Whole Life approach understands that each individual’s situation is different and wellbeing is an evolving state that requires different focus through each phase and age of life. WiserLife’s services and programs have been developed on a Whole Life approach to wellbeing, and are underpinned by the four pillars of healthy and productive living. The programs are designed to provide choice and flexibility for the individual. With the support of a dedicated team of specialists, employees can select the pillars they need to create their life of their design.

Our four pillars are based on wellbeing research and the Gallup Global Wellbeing Index. Improved well being at an individual level has a positive ripple effect on families, communities, organisations and economies.


wisercareerWiserCareers’ Consultants support individuals through career decisions – either to self-direct a career path or due to redundancy. Whether it’s the first step of creating a resume, building a plan to ensure an individual’s immediate employability, or remaining relevant in an a rapidly changing market place, we can help. Consultants may work on a range of outcomes including career planning, personal branding, job applications, interviewing techniques, identification of upskilling and retraining, career strategy or transition to self-employment.



wiserwealthFinancial security and wealth management are one of the major concerns for all employees and much time is focused on worrying about financial matters. Our WiserWealth Consultants provide sage and trusted advice relating to the management of their short and long term finances, and achieving financial and life goals. For redundant employees, advice may include understanding corporate superannuation and insurance plan options, effective utilisation of redundancy payments, legal security, medium to long term wealth management and financial advice. For current employees, WiserWealth provides advice to create financial peace of mind, so employees can focus on the job at hand.



wiserhealthUnderpinning an individual’s potential to live a longer healthy life are three key elements – nutrition, physical activity and mental activity. WiserHealth Consultants specialise in these areas and provide individuals the ability to address aspects of their health that may have affected their mental wellbeing, lack of energy, confidence, mobility and longer term health outlook. Whether transitioning through redundancy or improving an employee’s current health, individuals may choose to focus on their mental wellness, nutrition and wellbeing, physical fitness, mobility and weight management. This enables employees to reach their potential now and into the future.




WiserStyle’s Image Consultants allow an individual to create an image that will support the life and career they choose. From providing personalised image advice through to facilitating a full makeover, WiserStyle services can offer savings of time and money, as well as an edge in a competitive market, leading to renewed confidence. WiserLife believe a mindset change can successfully alter how an individual may be perceived by others. Image is not just about changing your clothes, it can be transformative.


WiserTransition™ Program

Designed for employers seeking to support their redundant employees through a customised outplacement experience which is tailored to the employee’s needs. While the employer chooses the level of transition package, the employee chooses which services from the four pillars will best support their transition through a period of uncertainty. The broader approach covers many concerns that employees face when transitioning through redundancy, and provides the opportunity for a positive transition.

WiserLiving™ Program

Whole Life Wellbeing in the workplace provides organisations with measurable improvements in productivity, staff engagement and retention. It can be offered in one or a combination of:

  • Group presentations
  • Small group workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Full WiserLiving program – The organisation chooses the level of wellbeing package and the employee chooses which services from the four pillars of healthy and productive living will create a greater sense of engagement, support and wellbeing.
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What is WiserLife

WiserLife follows a Whole Life approach offering programs focused on four key pillars to leading a healthy and productive longer life.

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